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What to expect in the building process when building with Level Construction.



At Level Construction, we apply the same high criteria to all of our projects and can assist with any part of the process.

We encourage all of our clients to decide on a suitable budget as the key decision, before carrying out research and selecting a Wanaka builder, architect or draughtsperson.

Going to lots of open homes and show homes is the ideal way to shop around, and see what you like. Building a home can be a foreign concept to most people, but we’re here to work with you along the way through all stages of the building process.


what to expect when
building with level construction

Find a good Wanaka builder before you buy the land. Your builder can assist you in land selection, based on your wants/needs whilst remaining realistic to your budget.

Before you sign the dotted line for land purchase, check caveats on the certificate of title. Some subdivisions have specific design regulations which can cause an increase in financial outlay.

Set a budget and a list of ‘must haves’ for your new home from the outset. Know your financial limits to save from disappointment later on.

Completed design/plans in hand, approach a Wanaka builder/s if you haven’t already. Send copies of plans out for quotes or your architect may handle the tender process for you, however this may incur a charge.

While you are waiting for quotes to come in, have a brain rest! It can all seem a bit overwhelming and exhausting up to this point. Talk to a colour consultant, get a clear idea in your head about what colours you like. Once you have decided on a colour palette, choosing tiles, flooring, window furnishings, kitchen colours and textures a much easier task.

Once quotes are in, take your time to compare them to ensure they cover all aspects of what you require. Quotations also need to include all specification requirements as outlined by your designer.

Narrow down your choices and meet the Wanaka builder/s on site for one last discussion. The building process will be a lot clearer in your mind by then, so making a choice will be easy. Often choices come down to personality and your ability to work alongside them and not just price.

Once your choice is made push GO on the build button. The Wanaka builder or designer will handle the consents required to start your project.

Once these are in place along with appropriate insurances is time to watch your land be transformed from a bare plot to a construction site.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, keep informed and most of all enjoy seeing your dreams become reality. Keep the lines of communication open with your Wanaka builder. Let them know if you want to make a change and ensure they complete a written variation for any changes. Ask for the cost of any changes before they undertake the work required.

Home complete, code of compliance issued and the keys to your new home are handed over.

Amazing, special, wonderful company. Right from our initial meeting, I was more than impressed with Dean’s professional, efficient and infectious attitude. Dean worked closely with my architect through the entire project and made the process appear to be seamless. The house included two challenging gabion basket end walls and Dean took on the challenge with enthusiasm and came up with a resourceful and innovative method to construct and complete the walls.

Both Dean and Robyn are easy to talk to, they listen and are responsive and proud of the quality of their work. I have received many comments on the high standard of workmanship and the quality of the build. You don’t see this high standard of workmanship in many new houses today. I cannot recommend Level Construction enough. If I ever build again I will definitely use Dean and Robyn.

Erin Shull




Completing a successful build in Wanaka is not just about reading plans and sending the clients an invoice at the end of the month. Our goal is to build not just a house, but create a home. If clients are willing to invest their time, money and energy into the process then so will we.

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If you are thinking of building in the Wanaka area and want some straightforward, qualified advice based on two decades of experience, contact Dean now for a no-obligation discussion.